a few of my favorite things...

Being a girl is a wild and wonderful experience. Yeah yeah, we have to deal with low pay, pms, birth control, and unruly hair... but it's worth it.
Not only do we have fantastically attractive men to admire, but we have the upper hand when it comes to sex, too.
You know what I'm getting at, ladies...
You see, men, we realize the power we have over you. We know that you want us. It's a simple fact of life, really. Men want to sleep with women. And we know you're not picky.
Look around, girls.... look at all the men in the room. Now, unless there is something hideously wrong with you (physical deformities, etc.), every one of these men wants to bang you. It's true. Better yet, every one of them wants to bang *me*.
If you're a man reading this... well, based on the nature of the material, there is a good chance that you're gay. But if you're not, admit it... you want me. You want me bad. Oh man, you can feel it right now, can't you? It's glorious. And so, without further ado... here they are...
And so this is a list of a few of the men that I adore. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.
n.b.: unless otherwise noted, each of these men would like to have me in bed.

Kevin Spacey

If you have breasts, but don't want to jump all over Kevin Spacey, you are most likely gay.
Not only is Kevin Spacey high octane fantasy material, but he's a consistantly strong actor as well. Simply sample a selection of his work and you will soon agree. I would suggest films such as LA Confidential, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, Seven, The Usual Suspects, and the more recent, American Beauty. I would stay away from See No Evil, Hear No Evil if I were you.

Ahmet Zappa

Ahmet Zappa has wanted to have sex with me since 1994. In fact, he's probably thinking about me right now. We are destined to be together.
In his spare time (read: in those rare moments when he's not lusting for me), Ahmet has been known to make bad music and bad television shows with his brother, Dweezil. Most recently, the show Happy Hour ran on the USA Network for a few weeks. I think that's over now though. Quelle dommage.
He is hosting a new show having to do with robots on TLC. Check local listings.


Let's face it, the man is just hot. He's got that wild international flair and a mouth-watering accent.
For those of you who aren't in the know, Tarkan is a Turkish pop singer. He has recently had quite a bit of international success with his latest Turkish language album, simply titled "Tarkan." Hits like "Simarik" and "Sikidim" have driven him up the charts all over Europe. Rumor has it that he's working on his first English language album in New York as we speak. Yay!

Ewan McGregor

In the odd case that you don't know who he is, run to the video store and rent a couple of his films. Trainspotting and Shallow Grave should definitely be on your list. If you're a glutton for punishment, go for A Life Less Ordinary or Brassed Off. If you're interested in seeing his schlong (and who isn't?) head towards the foreign section for The Pillow Book.

Colonel Sanders

Although I avoid fast food like the plague, there's just something about the animated Colonel on those commercials. He may not be attractive in the traditional sense of the word, but he sure does know how to get funky.
Go Colonel! Go Colonel!


Fuhgeddaboutit! Apparently many women flock to this man. I don't see it, but I like to think I'm open-minded. So he was a suggested by a friend named Dana (do you have a web page, girl?) who requests, and I quote, "Mmmmm.... cut me a piece, baby! :)"

I hope to be expanding this page often.
If you would like to nominate your favorite man for a position on this page, please feel free to email me at sarah@tmbg.org and let me know. (Hint: include pics!)

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