Winter in Deutschland

Okay, here are some of the new pictures from this winter. Most are of Stefan (since I was the one behind the camera). And if you wanna see any of them bigger (god forbid), you can click on them.

This is us (obviously), in his bedroom on the bed. Whew! We even have clothes on! What a treat!

Awww how cute.

This is Stefan in the kitchen at the sink, probably doing dishes. Oh yes, this is what I like to see.

Ahhh this is what he looks like after he's been in the bathroom for a while and isn't expecting someone waiting for him with a camera when he comes out. I love how shocked he looks.

This is us with some other people in a bar. The other girl in the picture is from Mexico. The blond guy next to her is her boyfriend.

Awww baby, I'm sooo tired.

This is him at the airport before I left to come home. He looks just a little too happy to get rid of me here.

Another airport shot, this time he's yawning. Pretty scary, eh?

O Tannenbaum, O Tannenbaum, wie treu sind deiner Blaetter.... This is our Christmas tree. They're kinda funny looking over there. But look! Those are real candles on it!

Hop on back to the tasty oatmeal.