Or so we hope, anyway. After my brother asked me about offers he saw advertising services that pay you money just for surfing the web, I decided to do a little research about the subject. It's a nice concept, anyway. Hell, free cash is always good. But what's the catch?

Basically, it's all marketing. You're not getting paid to surf the web, you're getting paid for looking ad advertisements and getting other people to look at them too. All of the ones I've looked at have been basic pyramid schemes. The more people you refer to their services, the more cash you get.

It's Amway for the nineties.

If you're interested, here is some information about sites that I think look fairly decent.

The most popular site out there seems to be AllAdvantage.com.

The bottom line:

Software: This service uses a simple banner. The banner is located at the bottom of your screen, I'd say it's a little shorter than an inch and runs the length of the screen.

Visibility: Because of its location, it is pretty easy to ignore.

Cash: You earn 50 cents per hour for your own browsing, 10 cents per hour for the browsing of your direct referrals, 5 cents per hour for referrals after that, of which there are 4 levels.

Maximum hours per month: Currently it's 25, their site says they hope to get up to 40 soon.

Payment: Monthly, as long as you earn at least $20, otherwise it will be rolled over.

Special notes: Your browser must be your active window for the service to work.

Another popular one is GoToWorld.com.

The bottom line:

Software: This one comes with both a banner and an actual browser. The banner is smaller than the first, and it stays at the top of the screen. You can decide where to put it, as long as it doesn't move down.

Visibility: Some things may get lost behind it. Not too bad, but a little more intrusive.

Cash: You earn 40 cents for your hours, 10 cents for your direct referrals' hours, 15 cents for the second set of referrals' hours, and 20 cents for the third set.

Maximum hours per month: 40

Payment: Monthly, as long as you earn $20 or more. Otherwise, it's rolled over till the next month.

Special notes: The browser is strange and I haven't quite figured it out yet.

Although the software is not yet available, ePipo.com looks promising.

Just the facts:

Software: Looks like it's just a basic banner.

Visibility: I'll let you know when I find out.

Cash: You make 60 cents per hour, plus 10 cents for referrals' hours, down 5 levels.

Maximum hours per month: 50

Special notes: You can sign up now. They'll email notices once the banner is ready.

The last one I'll mention is UtopiAD.com.

The low down:

Software: I haven't tried it, but it looks like another banner.

Visibility: Don't know.

Cash: They go by percentages: you earn 40% of the advertising money for your hours, 10% for direct referrals, then 5%, 2%, and finally 1%.

Maximum hours per month: ?

Special notes: Nothing as of yet.

If you know of similar services that I have not listed (and seem legitimate), please let me know:

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